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Mmk so I just spent all night working on getting my tabs set up and functional and organizing my forums like I wanted them. Now I have a few bugs that have been brought to my attention. I have looked and will continue to look fr the answers but I cannot find the problem or am overlooking it without knowing! lol For one when a guest views my site if they click on the forum link all they get is a blank white page. Also on the user profile beneath the name and such where it shows the User name changes (If the plugin is installed) On my forum it show it there twice. I looked in the user profile templates and there was one that had this repeated but even after I removed it the issue is still there. I'd greatly appreciate the help is someone could help me solve these issues. Especially the blank white page problem.
For the white page, did this only start happening after installing the tabs?
You have this in your header twice:
<script type="text/javascript" src="">
* Tab Content script v2.2- copyright Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (
* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use
* Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code

And the name change thing is still in the profile template twice (according to your source code). Try removing it again.
for the blank index remove this "You are not logged in or registered. Please login or register to use the full functionality of this board..." plugin
Where do I edit the header? I'll try to remove the name change thing again...
Check the headerinclude template. It's located under the "Ungrouped" templates at the bottom of the template list.
Mmk I deleted the second header bit and the second name change bit but the page is still turning white...
Could you try uninstalling the infobar just to see if it is the cause?

Also, check this out. May be why your tabs aren't changing color.
Infobar? The announcement thing?
The yellow bar that appears at the top of your site telling guests to register.
Mmk I'll try removing that as well. The Name change is fixed Idk why it didn't save the first time! lol

""Willy, you have a category selected for more then one(1) tab. If you noticed, you tabs don't change there colors. Each tab can have more then one(1) category BUT: 1) a category can be selected for only one(1), 2) you cannot add a secondary category (one that is placed inside a "top level category) to any tab."" I'm not sure I understand what he is saying. I know that I don't have any tabs with the same categories selected. However I think I might have messed up on the whole secondary bit but I don't understand exactly what he means?
Is he talking about categories like the entries section of my SOTW category?
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