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Full Version: Discuss Islam forum
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Forum Name: Discuss Islam
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Forum Topic / Theme: Religious Debate and Knowledge
Forum Description: Discuss is an open religious debate forum where you can come and talk about Islam, and ask questions on anything you don't know. InshAllah (God willing), we'll try to answer your every query and clear up any of your misconceptions.
the new post and no new post images are too alike and don't blend in with the rest of the forum
Right, I have quite a few people tell me about that now. Unfortunately, I dont have a graphics designer with me anymore. Do you anyone who designs graphics for free or relatively low costs?
your site is fine, but theres to many category there.
Btw, im from indonesia and planning to open-up islamic forum like you did (but mine will be in indonesia language). Do you wannabe my site's sister and have your own sub-forum there (islamic discussion in english)