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Full Version: How do i become a paid sub?
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I tried to pay the paypal merchant but he cant except $$$ so what do i do?
What do you mean? You click Subscribe on top and then pay with your paypal account. Or, if you have to, omni does it on HF but you might be able to mail it to him. PM Labrocca
Yeah I went to my PM in the inbox to get the link to the thread to then get the link to his subscribe Paypla account so then I clicked sub. and it said he cant accpet money...
labrocca is selling MyBB Central so he probably he "closed" subscriptions
His paypal... lets say.. died
Shit but I need that tabbed forum download... Can I pay someone to give it to me?
MyBB Central is for sale ? wtf ? Labrocca can't do this.. :*o(
(Sep 16, 2009, 06:20 PM)Chainzs Wrote: [ -> ]MyBB Central is for sale ? wtf ? Labrocca can't do this.. :*o(
Yes he can.

Labrocca's PayPal account got cancelled so he can no longer get new subscribers.
I am looking into alternative methods for payments.
That sucks cause I really need that tabbed forum system, can you accept payments on your other site "hackforums"?
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