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Full Version: Subscription
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Hello Community, hello Admins,

i'm waiting for over 3 weeks to get access to the plugins.
The first week i waited for an answer, because i couldn't subscribe via PayPal because we where at vacations.
Second week i waited for an reply to my PM i send, because i got an answer to my request to not subscribe via PayPal.
Third week, which is now, i decided to subscribe via PayPal, but it doesn't work. PayPal says:
Quote:This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

This would be so annoying if i woud get several plugins, but at the moment i'm just looking/waiting for the "Tabbed Menu" Plugin.

Whit the problems i have, MyBBCentral wouldn't make a serious impress on me, if i didn't know who is standig behind this site.

So why is it so complicated to get access to just one plugin. When will this problems be solved, so i can get the Tabbed Menu Plugin.

This plugin is the only reason, why i can't finish one of my projects. This is the last thing which have to be done.

It would be great, if i can get the plugin from one of the users and send the money as soon as PayPal subscription is working again. For beeing sure i will send money, you could ask someone at or or some other sites i'm activ. I really want to send and pay money for the plugins, but the system isn't working and i need the plugin very much.

Are you able to pay with another method? Moneybookers or Alertpay perhaps? I am also signing up for a Google Checkout account.
I just have a PayPal account. Personaly i don't have a credit card, so i have to use my mom's one.
PayPal is ok if it would work. I'm from germany, maybe this is good to know to choose an alternative paying method.

So do i have to signup Google Checkout with my mom's credit card or how can i send you the money to get acess to the plugins?
I need to activate my subscription, it has run out from last year & I need a plugin for my forum. I have Paypal but it sais your account is not accepting, I have google checkout, how can I pay?
I hope to have something setup within 2 weeks. I know that sounds like a long time but it's going to be a process for me. I may have to write scripts and do other work to accomplish everything I am going to need.