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Full Version: Free Prizes For People Who Spend A Lot Of Time Online
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I found a great new site that seems legit.

You earn points for going online everyday to them and earn prizes etc.

No point joining if you arnt a active internet user

They are really new and you must be invited to join you can't just join yourself (Invite Only)

So far I have got a 8gb Ipod Nano from them just for logging in each day.

my next aim is to get a PS3 and I should have the right points by mid October.

They are owned by Yahoo I think and I don't see how they are making anything from the deal but I'm not complaining listening to my Ipod LOL

Also I forgot to say Lokerz is there name

Anyway if you want me to invite you (I'm only allowed invite 20 people) PM me or leave your email address in this thread.