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Full Version: [Paid] Looking for a good mybb theme designer
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Hi, i looking for a good mybb theme designer, that can help me design a very nice theme for my PSP forum.

Type of Graphic: theme
Link to Forum (if necessary):
Forum Software (if applicable): mybb 1.4.8
Colours: black,white and orange
Text Preference (if applicable): Main Title "Singapore's Playstation Portable Forum" (if possible, help me add a PSP pic)
Timeframe: ASAP
Payment/Offer in return (if applicable): Payment will Would be discussed privately (you can pm me to ask for my msn)
Method of Payment: Paypal.

And for the last thing. I want some sort of PSP type graphic in the logo. You can even put a few graphics if you want to as long as they are not animated but PSP graphics. Please use your imagination and be as professional as possible! Thank you in advance
I would be able to Make you a theme. Im good with Graphics so I can make you buttons, logo's etc. aswell, PM me your MSN please.