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Full Version: Need Custom Plugin
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I have been trying to get someone to do this but have had no luck. I need someone to do some customizing for Labroccas Match Rank Plugin. I don't mind if you would rather make it from scratch.

I am willing to pay $50. I know isn't much but it would be very much appreciated! The plugin has been released to the public here -


It keeps some of the old features but adds new ones also.

I need a to have it be for single users, not teams. I need it to have a challenge button where when you click it, it redirects to a page with these questions.

Friend Code
Preferred Time (Dropbox for PST, CST and EST)
Custom Message

When they submit that message it needs to pm the message to the user who is being challenged with that info they submitted. At the end of the message there needs to be three buttons. "Confirm Battle" "Decline Battle" and "Busy at that Time"

When they click one of the three links it goes to pm'ing a message to back to the user who proposed the battle and in the message it will have the text on the button they clicked and the member will need to manually send the message from there.

I also don't want a starting rank to be custom. If the user makes a profile for match rank and hasn't battled anyone they need to be ranked last.

Lastly, I need to be able to make match ranks for several different games. There will need to be an index page of all the game titles, and the titles need to be linked to the match rank pages. I also need an option to make rankings for teams. So like, for one game I may want to make teams of 2 and they can battle other teams of two. So when I am adding a new game I need that option. Then when you create a new team for that game, you have an option to invite a member to your team. If you invite them it sends them a link via pm and says "(Username) has just invited you to join their (game) team. Click this link to confirm. - (link)". Once they click the link they will be added to the team.

I am willing to pay $50 for this. I know it isn't much but it is all I have.

If it doesn't make sense, which I am sure some of it doesn't, tell me what I need to clarify.

Pm me if you are interested!

I am fine if you want to code this plugin from scratch instead.