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Full Version: A Few Plugins
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Im sure most people have heard of Yugioh Card Maker. Well its a MyBB site. And I want to know how to Make another thing at the top, where it says the normal 4 things a MyBB site would say, it also says card maker. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Or give my the plugin link, code? Thanks.
That's HTML in the header template. Go to your admincp and edit the template to reflect the changes you want.
Admin CP> Templates> Template edits, Click index.php, in the plugin instead of memorizing it, just copy the other thing and paste it with the /maker (Or whatever your plug in is).php then save it and it will be right their
Thankyou so much everyone!!!
EDIT: Uh, wait a sec. I do that, and I see Nothing that says Template Edits. I'll keep lookin though.