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Full Version: HELP - SMILE CSS
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Modified smiles with new face icon..
And now got Bug or css error..

[Image: 2075l44.png]
width : 4 face smiles
from upper to lower : 5 icon

how to change it to be :
2 face smiles only ( from left to right )
and 4 face icon from up to down

Sorry for my bad English..
English isn't my mother language
ACP > Configuration > Clickable Smilies and Editor > Change the number of columns.
working great
I found an easy fix for this in the templates. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of templates you'll have to change them all.

Go to: Admin panel > Themes > Templates > (pick theme)> Smilie inserter templates > smilieinsert

First line at the top reads:

<div style="margin:auto; width: 170px; margin-top: 20px;">

Change it to:
<div style="margin-right:auto; width: 170px; margin-top: 20px;">

all you're doing is changing the margin to margin-right and you can have as many across and still keep within the parameters of the box.

Just be careful how many across you do allow - you don't want to shove the table off your pane of vision.