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Full Version: [HELP] My Ad Manager Guest cant see my google ADS
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Hi guys, i really need help. i have installed ad manager on my forum, and i have put the google ads code etc... i can see the ads display on my forum. but the guest cant see any ads displayed on my forum. i tested by logging out my account, after that, cant see any ads, but i log in again i am able to see the ads again. someone help me pls?
What are the exempt groups in the settings...??
(Sep 24, 2009, 08:31 AM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]What are the exempt groups in the settings...??

Hi MarrR, can you guide me on how to set the setting that make sure the guest able to view the ads? i mean something like this

example: Go users & groups > Groups > blah blah blah etc....
Google does not immediately display ads with their new code. You have to leave the code there and wait up to 24 hours. Just wait.
so guest can view my ads? without setting the permission etc..i just need to wait?
Add junk code like

<span>test</span> to test the feature...if that works then so will the google code