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Full Version: so are u going to stop creating the paypal plugin.
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The topic said it all....since we know mybb central had problem with paypal so are u going to stop creating paypal plugin for forum payment. Since I haven't subscribe to mybb cental I think its best to look at all option.
It's likely I will continue supporting existing plugins that include paypal features.
Well that great....Now all I need is for mybb central to settle down with its payment measure and hopefully I'll be able to subscribe.
There are 3 good options now.

1. Alertpay
2. Google Checkout
3. Cash/Money Order
Besides, the paypal plugin works fine, I'm sure when there's a future release with MyBB (MyBB 1.5?) that he will update it to work with that, but he won't be making current updates (I don't think?)