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Full Version: admin login loop
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I have installed MyBB and imported all data from a phpBB2 installation using the converter, which ran smoothly right up to the last routine, which produced an error. I am able to login as admin, but as soon as I try to do anything in the CP it forces me to login again, then I try to do something else and it asks me to login again... endless loop (and it doesn't do any of the things I ask, either).

It sounds like a setting somewhere, but have no clue as to where to look.

Anyone have any ideas?
An additional symptom is that changes to general configuration settings are not saved when I click 'save settings' - I jest get dumped back to the login page.

I wonder if I have a CHMOD wrong?

Chances are ./inc/settings.php isn't CHMOD to 666 but check your cookies too.
I have deleted & regenerated settings.php and reset it to 666 (regenerates as 644)

I have deleted all cookies.

Now I cannot login at all...
It allowed me to create a new user and activate the account. When I login, it appears to accept me, but when I get back to the home page I am not logged in.

It happens in FF3 and IE
Looking at settings.php - it says not to edit this file but use the settings editor. Where do I find the settings editor?
Aha!! Finally someone mentioned that message in settings.php!! Of all the times I've said to edit settings.php nobody's ever bought it up.

What that means is that you shouldn't edit settings.php just to generally change settings, but to use the ACP instead (that's the settings editor). However, with cookie settings, you have no choice but to edit the file because you can't get into the ACP, this is the exception to the rule. When editing the file, use wordpad, not notepad.

Your cookie domain needs to be:
Your cookie path needs to be: /forum_mybb/

Once you've edited them there you should be able to login to the ACP (may need to clear your browser cookies again first), where you must go to ACP > Configuration > General Configuration > and make these changes again, and save.
Thanks Matt - we have lift off!