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Full Version: [HELP] How do I "upload" new things?
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As title says. I want to upload a new theme, and I dont know how. I have tried and tried, but no luck. Help anyone?
In themes there's an "Import theme" option.
Oh, Thanks. I'll try it.
You'll also need to upload the files via FTP...
(Sep 27, 2009, 11:38 AM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]You'll also need to upload the files via FTP...

Yes, the images, and such.
If you have a file manager of something like FTPZilla, then you need to upload your theme's images. You should really read the "Read Me" part of the folder. Wink
Can someone explain EXACTLY how to upload a plugin to my plugin directory. Please?
Sure starfire.
You extract the plugin so you can see a file structure something like...
inc (folder)
images (folder)

Normally the file structure is always the same as the forum so you simply upload the whole file structure.
SO once extracted upload the entire contents into same location on server.
A super simple plugin will just have a inc folder with a php file in that. So you would just upload the inc folder and overrride all that needs to be over ridden.
Im sure this makes atleast a little sence. Its very early for me and i just woke up.
But essentially you just need to maintain the file structure you see in the plugin.
If there is an images/themes/ type folder just up that into the same folder on server. images/themes etc.
Not really sure what was wrong with the old thread so I merged the new one into this one. Also there's no need to post in all caps, just makes you look childish.

You do actually have FTP access, yeah??
HEy man ,,What you want to download I cant understand you
iff you want upload any file ,, try this sites: