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Full Version: Draw/Contest Plugin
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just wanna say i love this site. it has everything iv needed and didnt think twice about donating. but i am really surprised at the lack of plugins to have a contest on your forum. not just this site but any site. i assumed for some reason there would be many considering how many sites have contest these days.

i would be willing to pay to have this plugin made or make a larger donation. you guys have done such great plugins so far i think this one a lot of ppl would use.

basically what i would love to see is a plugin that will add a entry form to the forum so each time i have a contest the registered members of a certain group can go to and click enter draw on a page with the draw details like start and end dates, picture of prize, details about prize, and a spot for a sponsors info if the draw is being sponsored. the entry form needs to be able to limit it to 1 entry and input the entry into sql or some database with the members forum user name. so basically its not for guest its only for members so it doesnt need to have an fields for them to fill in just a radio button that says enter draw or a button that adds them for that particular draw. a way to manually and randomly pick a winner would be great. then when the contest is over and i have another one say the next month be able to do it all over again. again letting each member only enter once. being able to select which groups can enter the draw would needed

theres already this contest creator 1.2 plugin for mybb that does basically everything BUT make the contest entry form for members to enter and track the info. instead of making a thread saying theres a contest and having no where to enter the contest if it could have the same index layout but leads to a page with details aboout the contest and the enter contest button

please let me know if it possible and if so how much it would cost to have a plugin like that made. i would be glad to have the plugin released here for everyone to use