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Full Version: Hello Everyone!
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Quick intro... I'm Larsin, 18 years old living in New Zealand.

I run my own website (that's kinda inactive atm) about MegaMan. Currently using SMF2.0 but have been thinking ALOT about switching to MyBB after seeing how amazing it looks on HackForums (I'm DarkZero there).

Also, it might be the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know of a way to go from SMF2.0 to MyBB1.4? As soon as I get my database converted I'll subscribe and start installing mods.

I had no idea Omni owned this website aswell =\ I only noticed when I registered and got a welcome PM from him.
Welcome! And nope, not wrong place to ask
I've already seen that. It only has SMF1.1 support, I'm running SMF2.0.