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Full Version: span problem [resolved]
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My forums have different color names to help distinguish which is which.
Now i only upgraded to latest MyBB version yesterday.
I now notice the below when ever i go to a colored forum.
Sure the forums still have the color but how ugly does this look??

[Image: ftwerror.png]
When you did this you probably made adjustments to core files. That's the "<NAVIGATION>" section and you should look in the core files to see what's up.
Just uploaded new files and ran the updater. But i will check it out and see whats up as it looks really stupid when you get inside a sub forum for example.
Cheers for your help Labrocca.
Ok i started a new forum to test this out. And guess what. Problem exists with a new forum.
So i guess its a mybb bug then?
Here is the new forum to show you.
You will see if you navigate to a sub forum you see like below.
Daminks Testing Forum / Test catagory. / Test 1 / <span style="color: green;">Test 2</span>
It appears they have disallowed HTML in the titles but they are allowed in the description. Are you sure they were allowed before? Is it possible you made a core file edit to do this before?

It could also be because breadcrumbs are disallowing html. You could do a strip_tags on the breadcrumb. That should work.

I just am pretty sure that this was never allowed.
It was allowed. I believe i asked how to do it here prob a year ago and MattR told me to use the span tags to get it working and had worked up until i did the upgrade. I made no core edits as i stated above. I made a new forum with default everything and it has the same problem.
As I fix this now you will have to add strip_tags around the navigation in the php. So that's a core file edit.
Posted this problem on the community forum and it turns out its a bug with 1.4.9 and will be fixed when 1.4.10 comes out.
There is a fix for it as stated by Labrocca. I have yet to try it but if anoyone needs the solution then you can find that here.