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Full Version: MyAwards help?
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i installed the my awards plugin but i want it to show in the user's miniprofile (the bit thats with there post eg
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any help?
thanks Smile
That's where the awards already go.
they don't seem to show for me :S
they show in the users profile but as a new link :\ there's no icons in there miniprofile :\

i will try again....
nope no luck Sad :@
How did you get it anyway O_o

Dont you have to subscribe =/
My friend who is the other admin has subscription it's pointless both of us getting it just so we can download the same things Wink
Open up postbit ->postbit_author_user template.
Search for <!-- AWARDS -->
If it isn't there, add it
What theme are you using also?
Read the install and troubleshooting guide in the release thread.