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Full Version: Advertising A Gaming Forum?
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What do you think the best way is? I already know almost every paid option, I need some free ideas or EXTREMLY cheap ideas too. I think I should buy a .com first.
yup get a professional domain name first then ask friends to sign up and get more friends of friends to sign up. To advertise try traffic sites which should generate millions of people visitng your site some of which will be interested and some who won't. Still its free and helps regardless right? is a site to start from, the rest you find or ask for Smile (Can't give you everything right)
Thanks, I will check it out. I am thinking about Google Adwords/Adsense or whatever, I forget what 1 it is. Anyways, I gotta think of a description that will ONLY drive the people that are looking to stay+post and may have $5 to buy subscription. With PPC, its better to have 10 clicks with people that will take some time a browse the site than 1000 people that will randomly visit and most likely exit within 10 seconds.
Well still try to drive traffic to your site and get members by people you know. Make 10 users of your own and talk to yourself if you have to, just make it look active Smile
We get 5-20 posts per day.
First of all try to recomend it to people that know you / Are your friends. This will increase the Post Per Day Statistic.