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Full Version: New posts stats dont work...
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Hey guys and girls!

Got a little annoying issue with my board.

The stat that shows you the amount of new posts since you last checked the board is broken.

Instead of saying how many new posts there are its hust has {1} new post and that doesnt change even if there are more or none.

This effects the legend at the bottom of my page and the side box with the thread and posting stats.

Anyone got any ideas would help alot!

Many Thanks.
Hmm its kind of half fix now.

The side box now shows nothing about new post only >> then a blank space.
When there are no new posts it does show >> 0 new posts only when there is new posts it goes blank.

i have goneinto the mysiderboxes .php and tried searching for the changes but it says it cant find anything to change.

Edit: Dont worry i solved it myself!! Thanks anways!