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I want to know if any User Edit his / her own thread it will display that user Edit his thread on this time and reason for updating his thread

Like this
[Image: ieglfl.jpg]
Edit reason is a plugin by someone else.
Can u Reffer me Link bcz i m not able to foind link

Took me 10 seconds to find it by using advanced search, keyword "reasons", searching titles only and searching the mods forum.

Learn to use the internet instead of asking people to do it for you.
LOL i hv done the same thing and i got the same thread

hv u checked the link which is given by the topic poster

i m not a kid i searched before asking

Link is not valid

Looks like you're out of luck then. Sorry.
Np Smile My be Lex will Make this soon Big Grin
Maybe. It's possible to make this but I just don't like the idea. I don't make what I don't agree with. This is going to add a column to the postbit and in reality it's not needed. Anyone editing a post will either give the reason in the actual post or ignore it. If by chance you make it required when editing then you're going to get nonsense reasons like "changes" or some other crap. Even in your example screenshot. They posted "Edit." as the reason. How useful is that?

In all my years using VB sites that do offer this option...I have never actually filled in the reason.
Wouldn't it be possible to code something into the top of the post bit where it says;

Today, XX:YY PM (This post was last modified: Today XX:YY PM by Z.)

Just make it like this;

Today, XX:YY PM (This post was last modified: Today XX:YY PM by Z. | Reason: Test Edit.)

or something similar... shouldn't be too hard.. I think..
Yes and where is the edit reason stored? And then you have to add something so when you do edit there is the extra field.

I already said this was possible to make. I just won't do it because I don't agree with it. It would take me a few hours to make it but I won't. It's a useless feature.
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