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Full Version: Anybody want to make a forum
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hi guy, im a bit new to web designer and making website, been do it for only 6 months, i looking for people to run a fourm with me, i have a few in mind....... i have a bit of spare cash to help us out, (but only a little at the beginning lol) please reply to this post or pm if interested, thanks!


Just by curiosity
What kind od forum are you interested in making ?


in mind in website to offer nzb's. download movies , music, console games and software. but i am willing to work on any thing!
I will host a forum for you on my server for a cheap one-time fee, if you want

You will have to pay for your domain name though


I need Staff in my forums. It has a section for the downloads you want, and it's also about hacking and gaming. We don't really need admins anymore but you could be Moderator, and later if you're good ennough you will be promoted.
I might be interested in being a part-time mod/admin on your site.

I have considerable experience in moderating, and own a website with over 1.5 million total hits, and 12,700 site members


I want to make my own forum baccically.
I have typed the usuall commen sense in google, "create your own forum"," free forum maker" etc etc.
I have found a few, but non that are brilliant and what i am really looking for.
Does anybody know of any god ones to try ?

thans in advance


facebook backgrounds |Layouts Backgrounds nothing is "free", you have to do the work yourself. That thread will tell you how to do it. And necroposting...tsk tsk...
So a warez forum, basically. I see. Post above mine is very true. However, how can I contact you?
(Sep 23, 2010, 11:43 AM)`P R O D I G Yâ„¢ Wrote: [ -> ]So a warez forum, basically. I see. Post above mine is very true. However, how can I contact you?
hey i the best offshore host i would use is or <3 also i would love to admin or mod pm or register Here and then pm there lol <<33
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