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Hey guys, I just opened my site a few days ago.

I am looking into getting a domain now, I just need to get some money in the bank first. I am thinking about using, if you have any better suggestions let me know!

If you have any comments about the theme, It would be appreciated, as I am working on becoming a MyBB theme designer so any comments on the theme would be helpful to me Smile

If you have an iPod or iPhone, please join and post to get me going, I havent had a successful site yet! Sad
Your predicament sounds like mine i am also in the process of making a ipod forum.
Comments about the theme: Can i have it?
Lol sorry, but no, the theme a custom theme by me, for my forum only Wink
Lol no problem nice theme though did a good job Smile
I may suggest changing the background color of the board blue does not go well with "ipods" besides from that nice site.
Thanks, and yea I am not a huge fan of the background color.
Also, if anyone would like to affiliate with me I will be glad to add an affiliates box or page. I need all the advertisement I can get!

P.S. I will most likely be getting a domain within the next couple of days Wink
I am going to discourage you from getting a domain until you have atleast 30 plus active member. I have done in the past bought a domain and ended up returned it because the site turned out to never get really active members eventually the site was close. To possibly save your money I am suggesting this.
Thats one of the reasons I havent gotten one yet. But alot of people keep saying, "Spend money to earn money". But I cant find a good way of getting ads on my site to get money. And even if I could get good ads, I wouldnt make much money since I dont get much activity.