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Full Version: Installing thanks plugin messes up my site.
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I feel stupid, I reactivated it to see the error again and now it doesn't show *sigh* But the thank you image is broken how do i fix that?
Which error ?
dam sorry posted wrong pic HAHAHAHA i edited now
Do you upload the thank_you image to all correct directories ?
Each Theme needs his own thank_you image
Yea i uploaded to MAIN >> IMAGES >> THEME >> thank_you

Okay I fixed the images, but it doesn't show the total amount of thanks a user has.
Check the postbit and postbit_classic templates for the following:
yea it has it.
When you press the ThankYou button; does it show a thankyou note ?
Yea it does, and i fixed the problem. I used the above code and put it in my template. Thanks for your help guys.