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Full Version: How to make so users can view topic titles but not the thread / post?
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Currently I have done that guests can view categories but not thread titles / anything inside them.
What I want to do is that they can see Categories, and thread titles, but when they click a thread, they are asked to log in.
I've searched for long time this in MyBB Configuration Setting but couldn't find a right setting.

Can somebody suggest me?

I migh give a reward (Not sure If you can write " I can give REP" here since on HackForums you can't)

  1. Click "Forums & Posts" from the top menu
  2. Next to the forum with the threads, select "Permissions" from the dropdown on the right
  3. Now next to the group, click "Set Permissions" also on the extreme right
  4. Under Viewing, ensure "Can view threads within forum?" is unchecked.
Err... That's what I already had, not what I wanted.
MyBB doesn't offer the option.
Owww, Too Bad. Would be really good if it did.
unless you make a pluggin?