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Full Version: Error Logging Out
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Hello, a few day ago my forum, was running fine, but now when I load a page, there is a white page with some random text like "", and then after a second, the page loads. The main problem is that when I click logout on my forum, it goes to a white page and stays there.

This is a brand new forum, which I am still putting together, it has a beautiful template, which I have been changing for the past few weeks.

The URL is:
Fell free to test it out.

MyBB Version: 1.49
PHP Version:
SQL Engine: MySQLi 5.0.81

I have these plugins installed:
ad randomizer system
ads after first post
contact form
custom tab
mybb ecellular
guests see no post
locked thread quick reply warning
multi video mycode for mybb
myusertitle plugin!
trash can forum
specific forum banning
guests warning

I don't know how to fix this, and what I would like to know is how I can fix this problem. Here is a picture of what the logout page looks like:

I'll answer any questions you may have.
Thanks in advance.
Did you change the cookie settings by any chance? If so delete cookies relating to your site and then try.
Nevermind, I reuploaded global.lang.php, and that did the trick. Thanks anyways.