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Full Version: My Inuyasha/Anime forums page
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What are your opinions on my new Inuyasha anime forums page?

I just recently upgraded from phpBB3 to MyBB, and am loving it

MyBB is better then phpBB in almost any way imaginable

But anyways, my forums are a place to discuss anything Inuyasha or Anime in general related

How do you all like it? Any suggestions?
Looks good Smile

Edit- Try targeting anime forums and meet/look for people who like Inuyasha and try to get them to sign up on your forums.

Btw nice theme you modded unreal black for that or got it some other way?
It's pretty good. Your logo has white pixels though and needs to be redone. Great job at a good forum name too.
@kdog yeah, that's what im trying to do, im promoting it a lot on my other website (
Your right, it's a modded version of unreal black, and thanks!

@labrocca Yeah i know it does, thanks!