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Full Version: Font Colour Help [probably css help]
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How do I change the colour of the names for the group "Registered" so they will be seen. Currently only the Moderators and Adminatstators have visible names....

[Image: 6xrz81.jpg]
That would be theme related edit. I will try find it on my test forum and if i do i will post back mate.
PHP Code: 

There you change the {username} and you can add some CSS class to add color and something related, you can copy it for the others GIDs Wink
hey, adding the extention to my url of admin_dir/index.php?module=user/groups&action=edit&gid=2 doesn't work..
Can you possibly explain why it doesn't work so we know what to say...??
Well, I need to change the background color, it is currently an ugly florescent green color. How Do I change it?
It should be under your theme templates under the global.css way down near the bottom it starts talking about rep colors and such... I don't know how to explain directly but I know that's where it is!
If you'd like i could help you and do it for you...
In global.css:

.trow_reputation_positive {
    background: #ccffcc;

.trow_reputation_negative {
    background: #ffcccc;

Edit the background colours.