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Full Version: xTreme Arcade
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xTreme Arcade is an xTremely new forum centered around the arcade. It's a place to just kick back, and enjoy some time playing over 250 games.

We will also be offering game packs that you can download to use on your own arcade. Currently, there are only 4 available, but I have literally over 1000 games that will be bundled together in different packs, as well as available for playing in our arcade.

As I said, this is a new site and I would really appreciate a few people to help kick start it.
I like it and i would suggest you make a guest category in the games section, so guests can have a taste of how good the site is for games and they can then register to have full access and play the rest of the games on the site Smile
What do you mean? Allow guests to play certain games?
i mean just give them a couple games that they can play and if they like it they can sign up for full access.