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Full Version: Stay on top!
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Okay ive had an idea for a plugin for a while... Its just a little thing to save some time.

- Have you ever been posting constantly in a thread around 2+ pages long? Now with this idea, it can be solved!

- We do this, On top of every Page in a thread, the First post in the thread (eg. This post) would be on the top of every page in the thread so people dont need to keep going back to page 1 to see the first post.

Just an idea im tossing out their.. if some people want to biuld onto it gimme your suggestions...

Id appreciate it if somebody took their time to make this plugin.. or if it can be done by code?
It sounds kinda kewl
yes, like the vbulletin plugin release pages
There is a plugin for this already.

Quote:// Show First Post plugin
// By Jasiu
// Fixed for 1.4.x by krig
wow.. I never noticed that. Thanks for pointing that out Labrocca.
Thanks I've been looking for that .
That's one thing about me. I know a great deal about MyBB and the existing plugins. I rarely make something that I know exists already especially if it works adequetly. I have a folder for plugins on my desktop with dozens of good plugins I have not written that I check on for good code examples. I also look them over for obvious code flaws and exploits. I try to publish or warn authors of problems.