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Full Version: SMF to MYBB
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Is there any way i can convert SMF 2.0 to Mybb.

or is there i way of downgrading SMF and then convert to Mybb. Big Grin im thinking of buying a membership here but i have SMF Sad so i want mybb
MyBB Provides free conversion software for all of the big forum software like MyBB, PhPBB, and vBulletin.

Find that here:
You would need to convert to a supported software first (maybe phpbb), then convert to mybb.
Yeah we don't support SMF 2.0 yet as it isn't final.
So there is no way i can downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1
No, there generally never is a way to downgrade forum software... but as xTreme said, phpBB have a converter for SMF 2.0 and you can convert to MyBB after that.