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Full Version: Personal Graphic Designer Offer
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Hello. I am offering my Graphic services to people for VERY low costs...

I am x Raven x others may know me as Neon, Dark Rose or Dean. I am a Graphic Designer of Good - Experienced design. I make Images for themes, Logos, Banners, Tags, Signatures, Referral Icons, Advertisements, Posters etc. all to specific instructions or No Instructions. If you need examples of my work just PM me or leave a comment I will post 2 or 3 Things here for sheer examples.

Halo 3: ODST Poster

Custom Image - I have many in my Photobusket, PM me for link.. I have around 14-15

Booster Packet for Yu-Gi-Oh themed Site (This was a Request)

Now as I said.. Prices are low. Very Low.

Remember this is to have me as a Personal Graphic Designer.. I will only work for 3 People Max.


$3 Per Month


$8 for Lifetime (Unless Canceled by you)

(PM me for details on how to pay and who to pay to, all transaction will be made via Paypal, or alternate ways to send money to my Paypal.)

I will of course need a quick way of communication with my clients, Preferably IM (Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, AIM etc.)

Thanks for reading.
Bump.. =(

IF you want to work out a deal just PM me...
How is these prices work? A month of work is for $3? Tongue
Yeah... But if you have very Difficult designs then I may have to raise to $4
nice work.
Thanks but does anyone want anything?
Are you able to design a MyBB Theme?

Best Regards.
Yes I am able to design a MyBB Theme. Are you interested?
Hmm, If it's so cheap then yes. How much would one theme cost?
It really depends on Difficulty and the features you want in it, Nothing will cost more than $10 unless it is extremely difficult, If you have an Instant Messgaing account please add me, My username is


on Yahoo IM

Add me if you want to talk faster or just PM me.
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