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Full Version: Freenode
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I have downloaded the Freenode IRC plugin for my forums and activated it. I'm having trouble creating a channel. How do I create a channel on Freenode. I've been on the website but can't find where to do it.
Did you use MY plugin? It's easy..go into admincp and enter a name for the channel. Best not to call it someone really generic as it might be taken already.

And you don't need to visit the freenode site to "create a channel".

Did you read the readme.txt file in the download?
Whoops. I feel like an idiot now. Thanks for your help labrocca. You helped me here and on the other forums. Thankyou. Smile

Out of curiosity is it possible to create more channels?
I don't believe you could. You can probably alter the plugin so that it installs twice though. Smile