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Full Version: Usergroups
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I posted this at the MyBB forums. I wanted to see if anyone knew of any mods or anyway I could do this...

Is there possibly a way to link user titles with usergroups.

I would like to make many usergroups so that I can create different permissions for user ranks. On the other hand I need user titles to organise who is what rank at a certain post amount.

Is there anyway to link the two together? Hope it makes sense.

To make things more understandable:
Goomba = 1 post = 1 attachment allowed; 10 PM allowed
Drybones = 50 posts = 5 attachement allowed; 50 PMs allowed
Mario = 750 posts = unlimited attachments; unlimited PMs; access to private honorary member's forum.

Thats just a draft of how I want to lay things out. Obviously there are more usergroups/ ranks.

Thankyou. The topic posted in on their site is located at
I believe that 1.4 will allow for "promotions". Just wait it out for now.

My opinion though is that you are just overcomplicating your forum which will only push members away not inspire them to post more. Restrictions especially early on as a member won't get them active.

There is a new mod so that you can require X posts before a group can send PMs. Nickman posted it at You might want to look into it.
Ok. The restrictions I will do won't be that harsh. :-P Hopefully by putting some restrictions I can reduce the amount of stuff users put on the forums such as unneeded attachments.