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Full Version: News Ticker?
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Hi there, I have a small request for a plugin:

Is there some sort of News Ticker plugin for MyBB already available? With a News Ticker I mean this (this is how a member at my forums suggested it) :

A news ticker, as I imagine it, is a variable bit of text on top of every forum that tells you something. It could say anything, from an interesting fact, to an important announcement, to an amusing quote. It's not a Shoutbox, since by definition, the lords of the forum (Deviance and TM) are the only ones who can decide what the news ticker says. (It would, however, go where you'd expect a Shoutbox to be at. )

I know we've got a News & Announcements section, as well as the important posts highlighted in the Portal, but those are typically used to make major forum-related announcements. It would be weird to see anything else in those places, you know what I mean? What if Ticket Master wanted to remind you that bananas are an excellent source of potassium? The news ticker would be a quick and painless way to do that. Of course, he could also drop a quick link to one of those major forum-related announcements in there. I'm not gonna say what should be said, but it can be anything he and Deviance want to say to everyone in a few short words. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


Thanks in advance Smile!
You can get one from dynamicdrive and add it to header. I had one for one of my sites. No plugin is required. Just add the proper javascript.