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Full Version: Cristal-Design
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Alrighty peeps I have come here to request a favor. Rather a large favor as well... I assist with running the site
along with another admin. We are a art/gfx community and have great things in store for this site and we wish to some day compete
with the other great art sites online. However the theme we are using currently is a DL'd theme. Not a very common one at that but none
the less not our own custom design. As a GFX community designing the theme is not going to be the major issue however we need someone
who can code it from scratch once the design is finished. In this favor we would need a theme for the MyBB style forum as well as for the
matching homepage we will be establishing.

Sadly we haven't the money to pay for this to be done. We would greatly appreciate it and forever be in debt to anyone who is capable of
helping us out with this task free of charge! If you can help PLEASE let me know! If you wish to check out the site before hand and think
you can help us out hit me (s9TeeN) up on the site. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help out our community.
-XIX You guys have a nice theme ivgeo makes great themes shockingly the themes it not used that much. But I am going to say that maybe you have some accounts or something of value online that can pay for the coding.
We did until you hacked it!!

Scratch the coding peeps site was hacked and we no longer need a coder! Thanks anyway!!
Who cares the site failed, matu ruined also lied to me saying he is not a admin.
The site didn't fail! lol We were doing ok till you hacked us! Every site has it's minor issues that need to be worked out we weren't even that old yet... Quit making it seem like we did such a damn horrible job at that forum. Your the only one who seems to think it was so bad! I'm sure that even your forum has a few issues of its own!