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Full Version: Is Requesting +Rep Allowed?
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Are we allowed to say "If you found this tutorial usefull, please +Rep. Thanks. Smile "
I don't think +rep matters here.... you will get it naturally.

And nice job on the forum but why url mask it... just get a free Smile
It's immature. This is not a forum where reps matter or where posting a lot is important. This site is for my plugin support and releases. It's not a general forum.
So, it's sexy to have lots of rep.
Not really... Sexy is everyone who isn't a rep whore
Lol, if you say so.
(Oct 23, 2009, 04:32 PM)evilalex Wrote: [ -> ]Lol, if you say so.

As already stated, it will just make you look immature.

But i believe you have already done that so.. go for it.
I'll probably disable it here. It's not enabled so I can sometimes test plugins or functionality.