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Full Version: Neutral iPod
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. I am on the work of making a iPod forum we currently don't have many members. I am planning on making this forum a great forum. I have customized the theme i got from ivgeo a decent amount and am proud of it. I am also on the work of find as much feedback from peoples as possible so please tell me your feedback. I will be buying a domain soon but don't have extra cash atm because I need to pay for hosting. It would greatly appreciate it if you have a iPod and register or if not and you like music register as well and post some stuff even if your not good with iPods, we would love to here your reviews on some stuff, music, apps ect. Thanks guys for your support.
[Image: logo.gif]
The forum is currently in need for a moderator if you are interested pm me.
Bump no comments guys, oh well just added ficons plugins looks great just the forum status images look wierd now lol.
Bump guys i hope this bump works, please sign up and give me some suggestions.
Have you posted this message anywhere else? Plug your shit everywhere bro!! lol That's how we got CD up and going with members!
Your theme is good! Very clean and sleek. The only thing that is off imo is the banner! The head phones got cut off to much...
This is the 3rd site i have done it to.
Will be getting better banner soon maybe from you Wink
Got a real domain now, Please once again sign up for me, we need those active members.