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Full Version: Im Dudditz
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Greetings all!
Im Dudditz <-- long time Xbox tag
Just recently flocked to MyBB from vBulletin and its looking promising.
I dont really have a MyBB forum in production yet as its still being set up and bridged to Social Media.
Currently unemployed/uninterested truck driver in Illinois USA, paying the bills with part-time automotive, computer and website work.
Been getting more into web development the past few years with my first PHP script utilizing the GD library,
powering one of my Drupal sites, -an Xbox Live gamercard site.
Well known as Dudditz or Bilderback around the gaming networks, helping gaming communities
with website setup, management and development.
Released a few gaming related vB mods and currently assisting development with a video conversion script using Smarty.
Plan on being around MyBB for quite some time but still learning the infrastructure.
Expect me to be posting loads of questions at first about MyBB until I can get a firm grasp on the code.
Really excited and loving this forum.
Hello Dudditz. Interesting username choice. Glad you made the switch and hope we can help you out here.
Hi Dudditz! Welcome to the MyBB family! Smile