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Full Version: Multiple forums using one user database?
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I'm thinking of having a network of different mybb forums with different post databases but the same user database, so our users can log in all our forums by joining only once.

Is it possible, and if yes, how?

Thanks! Big Grin
Possible but complicated and imho not viable.
So what do you suggest. I'm making a new forum but I can't use the same MySQL database because I'm low on storage. What should I do?
Get a better host.
I'll just try to change users.php . I know it's not going to work (with my knowledge!) but let's give it a try. Smile

Edit: It's over 1500 lines! OK, I'm convinced.

Now how about making a registration form that automatically adds user to both databases? I think this is more possible.
Even with my knowledge it wouldn't work. You're trying to fit an elephant into a shopping bag.
Oops, I thought the shopping bag was XXL. Smile

OK, thanks for the info. I'll just tell members to join both forums, or manually add them to both forums via database.
If you want signup to be one time that's possible. However the user table is much more complex and widely used than just signup. It's very possible to have one signup for both sites but that will not save you any database space. It's just going to copy it to both tables. You could make adjustments and I think even use hooks so that if one profile is updated it will update them both. But again...this won't save you one character of database space and would require an extensive plugin.
What if the tables are in different databases? Does it still work?
That's more difficult since now you have to make a new database connection too.

Again...get a better host if that's the problem.
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