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Full Version: Admin dir rename...
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I followed the directions as in the link above however after I changed the dir name
it still wouldn't allow me access to the ACP. I changed the name in config.php and
then changed the name of the dir itself but some how it still asked for admin/index.php
rather then 'newname'/index.php. I tried this twice and double/triple checked spelling
and case sensitivity and such. Everything was done as showed in the tutorial. Any
ideas as to why it is doing this?
It could be because of your theme as well. Some themes' links need to be manually changed.

Just try manually entering the link to your address box.
Quote:but some how it still asked for admin/index.php

What do you mean it "asked"?
The url attached to the link was still the original admin/index.php. I got help and fixed it. It was cached and that's why it wasn't working for me. Once I cleared my cache it worked just fine! That info was thanks to MattR! lol I'm a noob I know... But I'm learning a lot so I can start my next project off better then my last!
F5 is a hard refresh which should clear your cache.
Yea that's what he told me as well. Thanks for the info guys!