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Full Version: [fixed]Need user import script
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EDIT: I just wrote my own script-no longer need one.

Im looking for any assistance in importing users from a script which stores passwords as md5(password).
MyBB forum is bridged to Social Media, a video conversion script.
When a user registers at the site or the forum, user fields are entered to both user tables.
The problem is that I just set up the forum and I have existing users which need to be added to the forum user table.
Ive been working on a standard script to query the database for user id, names and passwords, then encrypt the password to MyBB specs, making them ready for import.
But i dont know exactly what MyBB fields need to be populated for a user to login with no issues.
I tried and I got a "need to activate your account" error.

All I really need is the username and password imported.
Only have 823 users but manually doing this conversion would be painstaking.