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I am trying to use this.. but I am wondering.. is it possible.. that when a person clicks a link i have or make.. it links them to the donation page, but the options are filled out.. such as the comment, and amount to donate fields..? can just go into the template and alter the html..on the inputs just add default values.
I do not mean that.. I mean so that its different.. you know how when you click an email link it opens ur email? but the subject and body are already there?

Similar.. its for a shop.. so that the reason is already filled out when they click the item they are buying with Points..
So does your question relate to MYPS at all?

If you are in need of coding help please don't post in MYPS area.
it does but i guess not... ill ask elsewhere. Sorry for asking for help.
I've read this 10times and still don't understand what he means ^^ =D
It's ok you ask for help but you should do it in the right section and you should do it with clarity. And whenever you have a form action and want variables passed you can use a variety of methods such as post and get. You could insert hidden form variables too.

I hope that helps but I am going to move this to "code help" where I think it belongs as this doesn't seem to do anything with MYPS.