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Full Version: Remove Notices upon upgrade?
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Well, I was just asking, is there away to hide the upgrade link up there and the links that show up in the plugins forum 'You must be a subscriber to download plugins from here'. Kind of confusing everytime my eyes catch it. Also is there a way to add this option to the Paypal IPN plugin?

Maybe next version.
Yes i was wondering the same thing. However I did not pay for anything at this time so i dont know about all of what is there. I was yeah, just wondering if that top bar would be removed upon payment of the subscriber.

I also have a noobish question. Do you(meaning the payer) receive the Subscriber user ground as soon as you pay, or do we have to wait untill you get the payment and than add us?
With the new payment methods it isn't instant, labrocca has to do it manually, but it should be taken care of quite quickly.
hmmmmmm.....i might try and work on a plug-in or something, that when a user pays for a certain thing, mybb registers it and updates the user group.....If that is even possible LMAO.

Well lets hope the money issues has been fixed and i can finally get Subscriber.