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Full Version: Global Header - is it possible?
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Is it possible to have a global template/s for the header area?

Basically what I want to do is make a universal welcome panel that will follow all themes installed on a site for a special theme I designed.

What I did was make a welcome box with "buttons" above and below that I can add links and what not for guests and logged in members.

I'd like to find a way to make it so I can edit these links in one global welcome template for ALL themes instead of having to edit this for every theme on the board.

Can it be done?
I don't see why not. When saving the welcome template save it as "global" option. If that doesn't work then delete the welcome templates in all your themes and recreate it as a global template.

Experiment on a test install to ensure this works.
A global template is either an add-in, or the template. It is “global” in the sense that its macros; toolbar; keyboard and menu customizations; and Auto Text entries are available in any document, regardless of what template that document is attached to. And it is possible to do.