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Hi Labrocca. In 2008 you said you'd make an iTrader plugin that would come in good use. Hows it going?
Slow. Smile

It's still on my todo list. High on the list though.
Good - I'm sure you would use it too. A year though ha!
Would be amazing if this would get higher priority. Very usefull thing!
I would like it too but first Link Dump has gotta come out Big Grin
I'm happy to see Labrocca still working =D Last I read, you had to give up the site =/

Anyways, what exactly is iTrader?
Yeah I want this plugin too Smile

Thanks Labrocca.
iTrader is a reputation style trading system. i really want it labrocca!!!!!!
Me aswell Smile
Yea its basically a Rep Feedback for online traders (buyers/sellers)
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