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Full Version: Plugin Suggestion: Email to admin
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I also posted this on, but I see that your plugins seem to be better than much of what's available there. I'd like to request developemnt of a plugin that does this:
For those of us (like me) who need to moderate all posts before allowing them to go 'live', it would be VERY helpful to be able to receive email notification whenever new posts are added to the moderation queue.

Many boards get far too many new posts to receive an email every time, but options like this would make the plugin flexible enough for most people...
Admins can choose from:
{radio button} Send email notification for ALL posts
{radio button} Send email notification when _{fillin}_ posts are waiting
{radio button} Send email notification every _{fillin}_ minutes if posts are awaiting moderation.

It can be very simple... just a note saying "Dear admin, xxxxx forum has received new posts in need of moderation. Click here {link directly to moderation queue} to moderate.

For some circumstances (like mine), leaving users with the ability to post without moderation is NOT a good option. The power of this plugin would be for those who can receive their email on mobile phones that also have browsers that render the admin panels nicely... we'd be able to approve posts within seconds of the user submitting the post, and equally as important - it will free admins from having to look at their queues a thousand times per day!
I really hope someone can create this... seems like it should be a very simple development.