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Full Version: Shoutbox
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I would like a shoutbox created for mybb that allows selected usergroups to be able to take control of the shoutbox and gives them the powers to;
  • Edit Shouts
  • Mute members
  • Ban members
  • Prune shouts

Codes such as

/ban {Username}
/mute {Username}
/prune {Username}

Would be great. But to edit shouts you either click and hold on a shout or double click the shouts text to edit the shout.

I would also like it so theres a tab in the shoutbox that allows you to view all members that are currently active in the shoutbox.

I currently use the Spicefuse shoutbox and i have edited it to something that is somewhat of a basic shoutbox but i would love it if i could have stuff like this added in. If this could be added i would be so grateful and this is pretty much the reason why i paid for membership to try and get my perfect shoutbox created Smile. I have uploaded my current shoutbox so you dont have to start from scratch if you decide to have a go.

Thanks for your time, Nick.
Considering the fact labrocca doesn't like shoutboxes I can't imagine this being done.
(Nov 04, 2009, 12:59 PM)MattR Wrote: [ -> ]Considering the fact labrocca doesn't like shoutboxes I can't imagine this being done.

Sad Then that sucks Sad.
There already is one that does that by Pirate Nervo
If your on about the one with the bot in then that doesnt. Thats rubbish IMO.
As Matt pointed out. I don't do shoutboxes.
Why whats wrong with shoutboxes? Sad
They defeat the whole point of a forum. Why bother using a forum if you're going to talk in a shoutbox, may as well just use normal IM. Every message posted in a shoutbox is one less post on the forum that now can't be indexed.
you can always prune your shoutbox to get that space back and its great for clans or communities where people like to talk to get help or get to know each other. I don't know about everyone else but I don't like sharing my aim with people I don't know too well.

I have seen it on some game hacking sites I was apart of. They consistently bug you. I don't want that on my aim (my IM program) when I'm trying to talk to people I know in real life. I don't like keeping more then one either.
If you want a shoutbox that's your business. I don't support or condone them.