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Full Version: Theme Question
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What theme and template is this that this site is using? Thanks
It's custom and not generally available.
Why does everyone want this theme? lol I would think people would rather have their own personally theme and not copy some one else! lol
I dont want this theme its just the ficons work with this one no problem... So i was wondering what theme this was based on... I will make my own and customise it...
sorry for my bad English
i am having problem with the Afresh chocolate theme when i install it my "shoutbox" and my "ems alert" disappear i think it's a problem with template but i don't know why ??
Thank you for help me
johnnyblame, may be better to make your own thread. But, your problem is probably that you didn't install the plugins to that theme. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugins after you have the theme set up.