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Full Version: Need some plugin.
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I was thinking can Lex or Labrocca create a plugin that ban certain country IP. Meaning for example I get a hacking threat form someone in country X so I want to ban all connection to my forum from country x. Is there any available plugin

And 1 more things, in one of Labrocca plugin name Cool Download it let u to put cool download images. So I'm thinking can labrocca came out with idea such as Cool password (images that had password). Actually by looking at cool download script I think its not that difficult to create something like cool password but since Labrocca plugin is unique and I'm bound with license issues so its better let the master do its work
Labrocca's license states that you are free to alter any plugin for use on your own just can't redistribute the altered plugin to others.
If that the case i'll be working on it.
Cool Download would have nothing to do with your idea for an image password.

As for country banning you are much better off doing this via HTACCESS.
Use this: