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Full Version: .htaccess questions
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Ok so I have been looking into different methods of security for MyBB and such. I'm not all that knowledgeable about MyBB stuff period but I'm learning. One thing that I ran across was .htaccess protection. I understand that this uses your IP address as a pass for lack of better words. I know that in a prior thread Labrocca informed me that this was one of the best things you could do for your ACP. Well basically I'm looking for more info on the concept and process of .htaccess security. This is a exert from the MyBBoards where I was discussing this with another user on the site. It's one question I know I need an answer to and hopefully a good explanation! lol

Zash Wrote:
s9TeeN Wrote:Being that your IP address changes from time to time how would you go about getting back into it if and when your IP address changes?
Well, that would probably only work for non-dynamic IPs. For dynamic IPs, you'd either have to change it via the FTP every time, or simply not use it.

Basically I get that it uses specified IP's to allow access or it will redirect you to the index.php of the forum. (If I understand correctly) However I'm unclear on the whole Dynamic/Non-dynamic IP's. More so how I would go about finding the IP I need to put into the coding for the .htaccess file. If someone could please provide more info on this subject I would be greatly appreciative!
So basically I would .htaccess the ACP and then through the FTP I can change the allowed IP's if mine changes? What is the difference between the Dynamic and Non-dynamic IP's?
So basically I use the one that the MyBB logs when I access the site? Sorry for the stupid questions but I really don't understand much of this stuff! lol
That's where I got the quotes from my first post! lol Came here because I haven't received an answer from the poster of that tutorial! I understand it now however the only question I have left is that by doing the .htaccess for the admin dir this will secure the ACP only correct?

Edit: Also when it says to create a .htaccess file it means to create file with the extension of .htaccess correct? Like "filename.htaccess"
i think its supposed to be .htaccess
no name in the front
Mmk thank you very much! lol Sorry for all the questions but I wanted to understand this better before I put it in motion on my site.